PDF Equalizer Version 11.0

PDF Equalizer ML



Increasingly, many publications are now created in PDF file format. Virtually all major publishers can deliver their books, magazines, etc. in a PDF format when asked to provide content in an alternate format (vs. traditional hardcopy). Additionally, major companies and institutions worldwide publish a wealth of documentation, research, policies and general communications using a PDF format. Of course, the major problem with PDF files is that, for the most part, you can only look at them on a screen, just like looking at a hardcopy page. Sure, there are some basic built-in reading tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader™, but if you have ever tried to access a page of complex content (i.e. math, science) in a PDF file, you soon realize that without other tools, a PDF is really no better than a printed page.


How many times have you tried to work with PDF files, only to find them inaccessible to all but a narrowly limited set of basic reading applications? Did you ever wish you could discretely select all or portions of a PDF file to be read aloud to you? What about navigating through a complicated diagram or chart? Wouldn’t it be great to have other capabilities beyond traditional reading to turn PDF’s into more than just content, but instead into true study tools? That is why Premier Assistive created the breakthrough PDF Equalizer!!



Ease of use

Handy note function

The PDF Equalizer can open up any version of a PDF file without going through a conversion or import process – simply open them as you would any other file. Having a PDF file read to you is great, but just imagine the many times you are using a PDF File to study when you have to take notes. The built-in NOTES function lets you take notes and have those notes “synchronized” with the PDF page. This means that notes you took on page 57 are displayed when you go to page 57. The NOTES features also has a built-in word processor that lets you type in any information you want. You can even copy images, formulas, charts and tables from your PDF book into your notes. The VIEW ALL NOTES feature lets you see all of your notes in a single document, which you can print or save.


Language Translation



Our IGT real time language translation is a totally new concept to universal design, because it removes the language barrier to books by automatically translating text to your preferred language and reading it to you. PDF Equalizer supports, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.


Make PDFs Portable

PDF to MP3 easily

Reading a document at the computer is fine, but what if you wanted to listen to it on the road or put it on your MP3 player? PDF Equalizer also has a built-in text-to-audio converter. You can convert a single page or a range of pages into MP3 files. Each page becomes its own MP3 file. This makes navigation easy, because each file name reflects the corresponding page number so it is easy to go to an exact page, for example, chapter 2 page 58.


Talking Dictionary

We've also integrated our proven Talking Dictionary, which lets you select a word and have the definition of that word read to you.


Languages Model Information Summarization (LMIS)



LMIS can give you variable degrees of content summary for any document. It can compress a page, pages, section or the entire document giving you a clear, focused “subject oriented” summary of the document.