Talking Checkbook Version 3.6

Talking Checkook


Talking Checkbook Features

  • Full reconciliation feature
  • Sort records by any field
  • Categorize your transaction by type
  • Manage unlimited number of Accounts
  • Bookkeeping made easy. We did away with confusing terms like “debit” and “credit” and replaced them with “deposit” and “withdraw”
  • Print Checks from your printer. The TCB will print standard QuickBooks style checks on either an inkjet or laser printer
  • Backup and Restore Data
  • Multiple currencies: Supports U.S. Dollars, British Pounds and the European Euro
  • Search for a check
  • Check signing template. The TCB comes with a template that you can lay over your printed check so you can sign them
  • JAWS and Window Eyes Compatible Versions. TCB has built-in extensions for both Window Eyes and Jaws Making this checkbook very accessible, without the need for scripts and SET files
  • Accessible Reports: All reports can be saved as MS WORD documents or your transactions can be exported to EXCEL or LOTUS spreadsheets
  • Press a single hot key to hear the balance of any account
  • Built-in Accessible Calendar
  • Built-in Talking Calculator




The Talking Checkbook has extensions built into it to be compatible with both Jaws and Window Eyes. These extensions were added to provide excellent accessibility. We have also included a check-signing template to make signing checks a breeze. Users have the option of using just the internal voice, Jaws extensions, Window Eyes extensions or turn off the voice completely. Screen readers such as Jaws and Window Eyes will read the information on the screen, but sometimes that is not enough. The screen reader extension will read the information in a logical format allowing you to make sense of the information being read.

Easily Write and Sign Checks

Many disabilities make it difficult to write and sign printed checks. The Talking Checkbook can do that for you. It can print your checks. It uses standard printer checks, the same ones used by QuickBooks and other accounting applications. The Talking Checkbook will work with any laser or inkjet printer. Just place the blank check in the printer, select the print button and the check will print. When it is done printing, to sign the check, just lay the template provided with The Talking Checkbook over the and sign your name in the cutout on the template.

Designed To Be Very Easy To Use And Understand

People who have trouble with math and those who have trouble with transposing numbers can really benefit from the digital voices use to read TCB information. Sometimes just hearing the number will allow you to catch your errors.

We have eliminated confusing terms such as “debit” and “credit” and replaced them with everyday terms you are familiar with such as “withdrawls” and “deposits”. You are either taking money out of an account or putting it in. It is that simple.