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Text Cloner Pro



Advanced Scanning For Power Users of Screen Readers

Text Cloner Pro is a scanning package designed to work with your screen reader's own voice capabilities (e.g., JAWS, Window-Eyes). It features a high-performance Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, as well as a built-in spell checker. One-touch functionality means all important tasks can be accomplished with a single keystroke.

Text Cloner Pro handles multiple columns automatically. It also recognizes and adjusts for pages inserted at an angle. Once your documents are scanned, Text Cloner Pro works to retain their original appearance. If words are bold, italicized, or different font formats are used, those formatting features will be retained. You can also change formatting and colors.

Some of the newest advances in photocopy technology are available with Text Cloner Pro. This includes an "image cleaner", which "cleans up" defects in the image prior to text recognition, increasing OCR accuracy to nearly 100%. It supports multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, and German.

Text Cloner Pro is specially designed to work with your existing screen reader, so you won't have to spend lots of time learning new commands or features. You'll be up and reading within minutes!


How Does Text Cloner Pro Differ From Other Scanning Packages For Blind Computer Users?

It is a common complaint among blind computer users that they must spend approximately $1,000 for a screen reader to access their computer. Then, the same company that sold them the screen reader would try to sell them a scanning and reading package that required the users to turn off their expensive screen reader—in essence, blind computer users paid twice for a reading product. As individuals who require a screen reader to read, blind computer users don’t need another reading product; they just need a tool that can get their information into the computer so their screen reader can read it. Text Cloner Pro is that tool. By default, its output is an industry standard file like MS Word or RTF document that can be read by your screen reader in Text Cloner Pro. Alternatively, you could also save it, open it, and read it in your favorite word processor.