Ultimate Talking Dictionary Version 9.0

Ultimate Talking Dictionary



The World's Most Powerful Electronic Dictionary

The Ultimate Talking Dictionary (UTD), is not only a comprehensive dictionary, but has other robust, integrated features that make it unlike any other dictionary anywhere.  Like all other Premier products, UTD reads everything to you.  The dictionary contains over 250,000 words, terms, jargon, and even proper nouns like geographic entries (e.g. cities, countries) and historical persons.  UTD has a complete thesaurus built-in that allow you to quickly find synonyms and their corresponding definitions.  The “Power Search” feature lets you look up words when you only know a partial spelling.  Premier’s unique Interlink technology incorporates complex cross-references between all words in the UTD so you can quickly find related terms and definitions, even when you only have a vague concept of a word.



How does this compare?


How does this compare to a standard dictionary? Well, a standard desktop dictionary contains about 110,000 words with definitions and is about 800 pages. Can your desktop dictionary read the definition to you? Can you make your dictionary display large print? Does your dictionary provide you with a list of synonyms for the word you are looking for? Does your dictionary tell you if the word you are looking for is misspelled and provide you with the correct spelling? If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, you will immediately realize the power of the Ultimate Talking Dictionary.

More Features

Features include the following:


With the UTD, you don’t need to know the correct spelling of a word.  If you can get close to spelling a word, it will ask you “Did You Mean?” and provide you with a list of potential words that similar in spelling. This list can be read to you to help you make your choice. Additionally, if you only know how to spell a portion of a word, the Power Search can help you find all words that contain a partial spelling.


“Recursive lookup” lets you find the definition of a term within a definition.


“Hot key lookup” lets you simply highlight a word in a document, web page or email and simply press a function key to automatically lookup the definition without interrupting the flow of your reading.

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